Scratch Wireless Changes Service


Scratch Wireless, a WiFi first MVNO that also operates on Sprints network, recently restructured its service. Previously, customers would pay a flat monthly rate of $9.99, and purchase passes for network minutes and a text/data bundle. While Scratch Wireless is still working with the same basic concept, there have been some major changes made. Customers now are required to pay an annual fee of $69 ($5.75/month) in order to use a device on Scratch’s WiFi network. This annual fee will grant access to unlimited texting, both on WiFi and the Sprint network, as well as unlimited WiFi calling. Scratch Wireless still has voice and data passes available for purchase, so that customers can use the Sprint network when there is not WiFi around. While it’s nice that texting is no longer bundled up with the data, you would think there would at least be a little bit of a price decrease because of that. Pricing for the passes is as follows: Voice Passes for 30 days:
  • $7.99— 100 minutes
  • $14.99— Unlimited minutes
Data Passes for 30 days:
  • $7.99— 200MBs
  • $14.99— 500MBs
  • $24.99— 1GB
I do appreciate what Scratch Wireless is trying to do by focusing on WiFi hot spots for operation. However, with 1GB selling for $24.99 (the same price it was selling for a year ago) I don’t see the company being very competitive. WiFi is definitely around, don’t get me wrong, but the world is becoming more and more dependent on the internet and customers WILL purchase GB’s— if the price is right. The only device available for purchase of activation on Scratch Wireless’ website is the Coolpad Arise, which is selling for $99 with activation. This is another thing I think will hinder the companies success, just because people enjoy options. To check out specs on the device, or WiFi/network coverage, you can check out Scratch Wireless’ website.]]>

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