PrepaYd Wireless brings $40 unlimited plan

Republic Wireless, but a new prepaid carrier, PrepaYd Wireless, does offer three plans at relative bargain prices. It is an MVNO of the Sprint network, as are many of the MVNOs featured in our pay as you go cell phone providers. With three tiers of plans and the availability of Android smartphones, it could make a dent in the prepaid wireless market.   The $35 plan is for feature phones. It includes unlimited minutes and text messages, plus unlimited directory assistance. The $40 plan adds unlimited data, though this does not include smartphone data. That is, it’s more of a mobile web plan. The $45 plan adds that unlimited smartphone data, plus MMS, GPS services, and instant messaging.   In terms of phones, PrepaYd has three available. The Sanyo Vero is its feature phone, a basic flip model with an external display. The Samsung Reclaim is a slider with a full QWERTY keyboard. The LG Optimus S is a well-known handset, as many prepaid carriers have a comparable model. Essentially, each of these phones fits best with PrepaYd’s three tiers.   The only downside to this service, at this point, is typing the name. Seriously. Capitalizing the Y might have to stop some time soon. In any case, you can find out more information at   Via Phone Scoop.]]>

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