Red Pocket Free Service Deal

redpocket GSMT bogo

Red Pocket Mobile has continued their trend of awesome freebies for their GSMT, or T-mobile network, customers in 2015 with this pretty nice free service deal. I’m not really sure when this promotion launched or when it will end (although a logical guess would be the end of the month) but if you are happy with your GSMT plan, then it is definitely worth the time. Through this promotion, GSMT customers on eligible plans can get one month of free service with the purchase of two months of regularly priced service. Plans that are eligible for this promotion include:
  • $24.99 plan
  • $29.99 plan
  • $39.99 plan
  • $49.99 plan
  • $59.99 plan
In addition to the free month of service, Red Pocket has also discounted their GSMT SIM cards to $1. Normally priced at around $10, this is quite a deal when combined with the free month of service! As a note, the site states that there is a limit to the amount of $1 cards available per day, but didn’t really specify beyond that. Red Pocket Mobile has been around since 2006 and is pretty much the only MVNO not owned by Tracfone that offers plans through all four main carriers. They have a range of prepaid monthly and pay as you go options for all four carriers. You can visit their website or read our indepth review for more information.]]>

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