Red Pocket Offers Deal for T-Mobile Network

GSMT Red Pocket Deal

I don’t know how I missed it, but Red Pocket Mobile has several deals going on their website aimed at customers who use their GSMT network, or the T-Mobile powered network. In fact, when you visit the site, you’ll probably notice a flurry of pink¬†advertisements, like the one above, scattered around their website promoting the new deals. The first deal is for current Red Pocket Mobile GSMT customers and will give consumers a discount when they refill their $39.99 plan in the following increments:
  • 12 months for $420 (savings of $60)
  • 6 months for $220 (savings of $20)
  • 3 months for $115 (savings of a whopping $5)
To get this deal, you’ll have to sign in to your account online, and complete the refill via Red Pocket’s website. I believe the deal is available for online only. The second promotion they have is for new customers, and will grant additional data for customers who use the flagship plans and use the GSMT network. The $39.99 plan will receive an additional 500 MB of data, bringing the data up to 1 GB of high speed. The $49.99 plan adds an additional 1 GB of high speed data, bringing the total up to 2 GB. I didn’t actually see an end date listed anywhere for either of these promotions, and I have no idea how long they have been running, but the second deal for new customers is definitely a good deal. If you’ve got the dough and really like Red Pocket, the first deal isn’t too bad either. Red Pocket Mobile offers plans from all four carriers. For more information or to take ¬†a look at their other plan offerings, click here.]]>

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