Republic Wireless Scales Back Data Roaming

Republic Wireless, the nearly unknown Sprint MVNO, has announced a change to their data roaming policy starting Monday, Sept. 15, 2014. This cost-conscious MVNO offers some of the lowest possible plans with unlimited data, voice, text and roaming starting at $25 on select phones. In a statement to their dedicated community of consumers, Republic Wireless acknowledge the rapidly increasing costs of allowing data roaming on partner networks. The increases, at nearly 30x more expensive than data on their own network, threaten Republic Wireless’ low cost business model. So, starting on Sept. 15, Republic Wireless will no longer offer unlimited roaming on any of their plans and over the next few months will introduce an add-on so consumers who need roaming can include it. Until the add-on is introduced, roaming will be reduced to 25MB per cycle and speeds will also be reduced. Republic invited feedback from their customers prior to this decision and invites questions and comments on their community forum. They confirmed that regular data speeds will not be effected by this change–only roaming data. “For us, it came down to our maniacal core goal: to provide as much value to our members as we can,” Republic said in a notice on their website. Dedicated to providing the lowest possible cost to money-conscious consumers, Republic Wireless offers an unlimited plan for $25 which included unlimited talk, text, 3G data and roaming. Their $40 plan upgrades the unlimited data to 4G LTE. For more information on Republic Wireless, including their coverage, check out their website.]]>