Republic Wireless to re-open beta program this summer

Republic Wireless would take on more beta customers this summer. The company has now made the official announcement via their blog. This week they’re starting to send out invites, which they’ll send to people who have already expressed interest in Republic. The emails will allow people to reserve a spot in the beta program. They’ll be assigned to a certain letter, which will correspond with when they’re officially invited to the program. Republic describes the procedure for us:

1. We’re going to send you an email in about a week telling you how to access our online reservation system. We’ve already allocated you a spot in one of our beta waves (If you had an unsuccessful order, you’ll be first. If you signed up for email notifications, you’ll be next). 2. You’ll have a week to come and claim your place in your wave. If you don’t claim it, we’ll assume that you don’t want it and we will drop you from your wave. 3. The online reservation system will gather a bit of info from you (to learn about your preferences) and will then confirm your assignment to your beta wave. Your letter (starting with B) will be revealed online and emailed to you as a confirmation as well. 4. You can check online for the latest on when your beta wave can place orders and when you can expect to receive your phone. 5. When it’s time for your wave to purchase, you’ll be notified by email a week or more in advance. 6. At that point, you’ll have a limited amount of time to place your order, pay your startup fee and start using your new republic phone. Your order will be processed and shipped based on when you paid.
You can get more information, or try to sign up late, at Republic Wireless’s website Via Engadget]]>

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  1. clocks on April 16, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    I am trying to cancel my service with them, but they do not reply to emails and have no phone number. I have finally resorted to contacting the FCC and BBB for assistance with the matter. I would caution people to avoid Republic Wireless at all costs.