Ring Plus Debuts Mad Plans


Ring Plus, a Sprint MVNO, previously offered a good portion of its plans on a free tier. Essentially, the company would use something called Ring Plus Radio to play advertisements instead of ringing. This allows the company to offer free calling and free plans to customers. However, it seems that customers at Ring Plus were requesting a different type of service, so the company rolled out new plans that will operate only on Sprint’s network—without ads. Now, Ring Plus offers free plans, premium plans that use advertisements, and new plans which are ad-free. These new plans are called mad plans. Let’s take a look: Mad Plans
  • Mad Fert- $4.99/mo – 500 minutes, 500 SMS, 500 MMS, 500 MB LTE
  • Mad Scientist- $15.99/mo – Unlimited talk and text, 1 GB LTE
  • Mad Hatter- $22.99/mo – Unlimited talk and text, 2 GB LTE
  • Mad Man- $26.99/mo – Unlimited talk and text, 3 GB LTE
Discounts are available for member plus subscribers, and take about $9-10 off each plan except the Mad Fert. Data on all of these plans is hard-capped, with additional GBs available for purchase. Current pricing is 250 MB for $4.99, 500 MB for $8.99, and 1 GB for $14.99. If there is an overage with data, customers are charged $14.99 for an additional GB. Tethering is available as an add on with Ring Plus, although the pricing varies based on plans. You can view the full lineup of plans here. Of course, since the mad plans operate directly off of Sprint’s network instead Ring Plus’ advertisements, these plans are going to be more expensive. Even with a price increase, though, these plans are competing to be the cheapest options on Sprint’s network. Just look at Boost Mobile: the company recently released its new unlimited plans, starting at $30/month. The basic plan with Boost Mobile includes unlimited talk, text, and data with 1 GB at high speeds. While the plans through Ring Plus do not include unlimited data currently, for around the same price Ring Plus customers can receive 3 GB of high speed data instead of the 1GB. I’m not sure how Ring Plus is keeping its pricing so low, but I would say it’s pretty impressive. Ring Plus has quite a few refurbished devices for sale on its website, as well as some new phones. Alternatively, customers can bring in unlocked CDMA devices to be activated. The company operates using Sprint’s network. You can view coverage as well as check device compatibility on Ring Plus’ website.]]>

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