Sprint Opens Co-Branded Radioshack Stores

Last February, Sprint announced that it would be partnering with the sinking Radioshack, and gave vague plans to operate several co-branded stores. Well, today Sprint has reopened 1,435 Sprint-Radioshack stores nationwide. These stores will have normal Radioshack merchandise as well as a section of the store that carries Sprint products and logos. Sprint-Radioshack stores are expected to sell mobile devices for both prepaid and postpaid brands including Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Sprint-Radioshack stores will operate like a store-within-a-store, with one-third of the retail space devoted to Sprint merchandise and materials while the rest will be Radioshack products and accessories. I haven’t seen any word whether or not the new Sprint-Radioshack stores will carry non-Sprint devices in the Radioshack portion, but I’d be surprised if they did. Personally, I find this move to be incredibly clever on Sprint’s part, as it will more than double the just over 1,000 stores the company owned prior to this deal. Compared to the other three giants, Sprint came in dead last as far as amount of self-operated retail space and instead relied on third-party companies like Walmart to sell its products. Sprint-Radioshack stores should show up on Sprint’s store locator, so you can check that to find one near you.]]>

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