Sprint Prepaid iPhone Plans

This is always a plus if you move, or have a circumstance where you have to switch plans immediately. There is nothing worse than moving to a new area where you get terrible coverage but are stuck with a two year contract that you just signed. Prepaid minutes allow you to get a feel for the coverage in your area, without having the headache of an expensive annual contract. Let us look at the two prepaid options that Sprint offers with the iPhone. If you are looking for a prepaid Sprint phone where you’ll be using up a lot of minutes on it without necessarily wanting data and all of that stuff, then the $45 USD a month plan seems to be right for you. With unlimited minutes on this plan, you’ll be able to talk to your distant relatives as much as you’d like, without having to worry about your prepaid minutes expiring. Unlimited minutes on an iPhone are especially nice, and Sprint offers a pretty reasonable plan at this price. But if you are looking to take it one step further on the iPhone, then the second option may be best for you. At $60 USD a month through Sprint, one can not only get unlimited minutes on their iPhone, but they can also get unlimited data service. That means you can use a bunch of apps on your iPhone, or connect to the web to listen to your favorite music or watch a great video. And you don’t have an annual contract, which makes this deal even sweeter. Depending on the way you are going to use your iPhone, Sprint offers two prepaid plans for your smartphone. ]]>

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