Straight Talk Offers More Data for BYOP


There are plenty of promotions for customers looking to port into a new carrier, but what if you’re looking to simply bring your own phone (BYOP)? Well, Straight Talk has debuted a new promotion this month granting customers an additional 2 GB of data when they activate their own device on a $45 plan, granting a full 5 GB of data before throttling for these customers instead of the usual 3 GB. Of course, since Straight Talk is a Tracfone company, there isn’t all that much information available about the fine details of the promotion, like whether or not the 5 GB will be grandfathered after the promotion ends, exactly when the promotion will end or other details. Tracfone tends to be a little shady in general, but out of all of its companies, I have heard the best things (or perhaps, more accurately, the least amount of bad things) about Straight Talk. Straight Talk offers plans from all four main carriers, which means that the range of phones that can be activated on Straight Talk’s network is pretty vast. You will want to be sure that the device is able to be activated, however, by checking it on this page. The $45 plan that Straight Talk is pushing with this promotion includes unlimited talk, text and lowspeed data with limited high speed data. Once the 5 GB of data has been reached, consumers will have extremely throttled (think 64 kbps) for the rest of the 30 day cycle. For more information on Straight Talk, visit the website.]]>

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