T-Mobile adds more prepaid customers

T-Mo added 951,000 customers in the fourth quarter, up from 901,000 from the fourth quarter 206, and up from 857,000 in the third quarter. Though that’s to be expected, given the holiday season. Despite the higher numbers overall, T-Mobile’s contract subscriptions actually fell. Only 733,000 additions signed agreements, which is 77 percent of the total. They added not only a higher total number of contract customers in Q4 last year, 783,000, but a higher percentage, 87 percent. The holiday season might have actually kept the postpaid number high. In Q3, T-Mobile counted 35 percent of their net additions as prepaid customers. Overall, T-Mobile cites prepaid as comprising 17 percent of their overall customers. T-Mo ends the year with 28.7 million customers. This puts them 25.1 million behind Sprint, so yeah, barring a complete bomb by Sprint, this gap will stay wide for a few years to come. [RTTNews]]]>

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