T-Mobile Expands Data Stash to Prepaid

One of the main downsides of prepaid plans is the data. Depending on which carrier you have and how much data you really need, it can get rather expensive rather quickly. And, with a lot of the monthly MVNO plans, that data doesn’t roll over to the next month. Well, T-Mobile recently announced that it will be expanding the popular “Data Stash” program to prepaid customers starting March 22. About three months ago T-Mobile introduced the Data Stash program for postpaid customers under the flag that consumers have a right to the data they’ve already purchased. Data Stash is automatically given to postpaid customers who meet certain criteria including subscribing to specific plans or purchasing data for tablets. On March 22, Data Stash should automatically be added to all prepaid Simple Choice customers. Data Stash gives customers 10 GB of free data in a ‘stash’ that can be used whenever you need a little extra boost of data for the month. The data that you don’t use goes into your ‘stash’ at the end of the month, and you can dip into it for up to a year. Because this service doesn’t cost anything (as far as I can tell) it could be a pretty sweet deal although unlike with postpaid, rollover isn’t quite as elusive for prepaid. For more information on Data Stash and possible plan options, check out T-Mobile’s website.]]>

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