T-Mobile Prepaid Discontinues $25/month plan

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Early last week, T-Mobile quietly discontinued its lowest prepaid plan, marketed as a “basic monthly plan.” Originally, the plan included unlimited talk and text with no data and, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s being replaced. However, if you’re already on the plan, then you have nothing to fear. According to T-Mobile, customers who are already on the old $25/month plan will not only be able to keep their service through the remainder of the billing period, but also be grandfathered on the plan as long as they do not change plans or cancel. As T-Mobile uses a SIM card for its services, I don’t believe swapping out for a new phone will be a problem either. It’s unusual for carriers to really advertise when a plan is ending, as it generally just causes fuss. While some might suggest that dropping the lowest plan is an effort to push customers into spending more (and I’m certain that had an impact on the decision) the unlimited text and web plans are becoming more and more rare among carriers. While Americans might not use their phones for talking all that much, we like having the option and will usually willingly pay an additional $10 just in case we actually felt like calling someone for once. So, on that note, if you’re looking to jump ship and get unlimited talk through T-Mobile’s plan, be aware that you won’t be able to jump back to the $25 plan. Instead, you’ll have to pick from one of the below options:
  • $30/month – unlimited data and text with 100 minutes talk
  • $40/month – unlimited talk and text with 3 GB data
  • $50/month – unlimited talk and text with 5 GB data
  • $60/month – unlimited talk and text with 10 GB data
For more information on plans, pricing, terms, or to view phones, check out the T-Mobile prepaid website.]]>

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