Ting Can Activate Nexus 6 Starting Today


Ting announced earlier this week that they would be able to activate the Nexus 6 on their Sprint-powered network starting this week. Customers interested in the Nexus 6 will not be able to purchase it directly from Ting, but phones purchased through Google Play or Motorola’s website should be compatible. Also as a bonus, you can probably get them unlocked. To use the Nexus 6, you will have to order a new SIM card from Ting, as the old SIM cards will not be compatible. Cards can be purchased here and cost around $9. Old Ting SIMs will not work in the Nexus 6, as the technology is different, according to their blog. While the Nexus 6 runs in the neighborhood of $650 without a contract, the phone itself is an excellent choice with some great specs, a good camera and a sleek look. I have played with one a little bit in the store, and I can’t say I wasn’t impressed by the smooth graphics and the general feel of the phone. To take a look at Ting’s rates and plans, which are pretty unique in the MVNO world, click here.]]>

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