Ting to Support Nexus 6 in November


Ting hinted in a blog post last Friday that they expect to support the new Nexus 6 when it comes out next month. Full details about when exactly they will be able to activate the phone or whether they will actually carry the Nexus 6 (or just the SIM) have not been released. They did state that they expect to be able to activate the first Nexus 6 devices before the end of November. The Nexus 6 will be¬†available for preorder from Google Play sometime next week with shipping expected in early November. The initial reports suggest that the price without a contract will be around $650, but again, nothing has been formally announced. Some details about the Nexus 6 have, however, been confirmed including some pretty impressive hardware specs and the newest Android Lollipop OS. Ting offers a unique no-contract postpaid tier program, where users statistics for voice, data and text are calculated separately and filed into a pricing tier. At the end of the month the bill is calculated depending on usage. For light users, Ting can be a fantastic deal. For more information about Ting pricing and rates, click here. Whenever we get confirmation later this week about Ting and the Nexus 6, we’ll be sure to post an update, so check back!]]>

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