Total Call Mobile introduces prepaid unlimited plan

See that list to your left of our pay as you go cell phone providers? It seems like more and more of them have unlimited plans every day. (You might notice that there are a few more there this week than there were last, if you’re the perceptive type.) The latest to unveil this type of plan is Total Call Mobile. Like a few of the more recently introduced unlimited plans, Total Call’s will feature both a monthly tier and then a lesser offering. This lesser offering might be the difference prepaid makes with unlimited voice and text plans. The 30-day unlimited plan covers voice calls plus both domestic and international text messaging, and costs $50, right about par with the rest of the industry. Total Call has also added a 15-day plan, which appropriately costs $25. Customers can then add on international calls for only the advertised rate. After you pay your $50 or $20, calls to over 250 locations worldwide will cost just two cents. There are varying rates to other countries as well. As of this writing, the plans are not feature at Total Call’s website, though you can check back there often, as I’m sure they’ll add it soon.]]>


  1. Mike Freeman on September 1, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    Total Call has some good things going for it but suffers from complete lack of any data option, a limited handset selection, inability to put related handsets (Sprint and Sprint mvnos) onto their system as well as a relatively high price point for what they are offering. Page Plus offers as superior network, phone flexibility and at least some data options as well as being $10 less a month then Total Call. TC does have free unlimited int’l texting but they are offering a plan that is not really that unique in this competitive unlimited environment. If they were priced at $40 or 45 , they would look a lot better.

  2. Loc Ha on September 3, 2009 at 1:52 pm

    Total Call Mobile does offer 2 cents per min. rate to 260 international destinations with the unlimited program.
    Also, the plan works with regular refill cards or pins and does not require the customer to call customer service to enroll. When the unlimited plan has expired, the phone goes back to the 10 cents per min./ 5 cents per text message program. Total Call Mobile offering is very flexible and offers either a $25 for 15 days Unlimited Talk & Text or a $50 for 30 days of Unlimited Talk & Text. As Mike has mentioned, this does include international texting.

  3. Diane Ivey on August 31, 2010 at 11:31 am

    Here’s a whopper of a story for you; had horrible service problems with Boost Mobile for over 3 weeks (first 3 months were fine). I had picked up a Total Call phone in Miami earlier this year and decided to give it a try, the unlimited plan for $39.99 seemed like a great deal. Requested to Import my number from Boost and am currently on BUSINESS day #7 of waiting for service. Everyday I call, I get a different person, different story, was originally told 3-5 business days, confirmed deport date and time from Boost, so I shoot that ridiculous excuse down everytime it’s used now. I Call everyday and hear “shouldn’t be too much longer now”, I’ve spoken with “supervisors, been “disconnected” (hung up on, they have the number of a land line to call me, so when no one calls back I know I’ve been hung up on) several times, have been promised repeatedly that it will be taken care of. Any suggestions out there? I really like the disposable phone and even the 50$ for Boost was a good deal until my calls were dropped, I would go from 4 bars to no service while the phone was laying on a surface, couldn’t open text messages, etc. Three weeks that went on and when it came time to renew my monthly fee I asked to be creditied for a month and was told they couldn’t do that until the “problem was fixed”, which of course was ridiculous. I am in disposable phone hell and hate the thought of having to sign a contract and pay more money, etc. Any chance Total Call or Boost will really offer SERVICE any time soon? Any constructive suggestions? Is there an agency I could report these deficits to?

  4. Richard Vian on March 28, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    I finance phone companies and was very interested in your experience Diane. Did you ever get your problem resolved?

  5. John Adams on January 30, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    This company took my money and gave me nothing in return. I bought $10.00 worth of time last week and was given a pin number by them to call in with to get my time. I called in and Total Call said the number they had just given me was invalid, although they wouldn’t say why. Then they refused to give me a valid one or return my money so now I have a useless phone and am out $10.00. They refuse to do anything about it after numerous calls. I would NOT recommend this company to anybody that doesn’t want to have their money stolen.

  6. Mary Harris on October 22, 2013 at 10:02 am

    On the October 16th I called the 800 number for Total Call Mobile and told the agent that they had a problem with thier system. I wanted to add minutes to my phone but I couldn’t get through to them on it. I would get a recording that if I wanted to make a collect call to a land line etc etc. I made this call from my house phone. The agent said he would let his technical dept know of the problem. I was not able to call out on my phone or to access my voicemail until today October 22.
    I called them again today and first talked to a Carl and then to a Chris, (declared supervisors) I’m sure not their; true names and explained the situation. Letting them know I wanted an adjustment on the time that I just purchased and was not able to use until the 22nd of October. They basically told me too bad so sad. They kept repeating that I needed to call right away. I again explained that I told the agent that I bought the minutes from there was a problem with their system but conveniently there were no notes placed on my account for this particular call. I have been a customer of this company for over 2 years and there is NO consistancy in their customer service. One time it’s good the next time it’s horrid. I am on a search to get an adjustment to my money or an adjustment to the end time that was just purchased on October 16th not usable until the 22nd. This is unacceptable and I hate to be lied to.