TracFone Auto Refill Program

Generally speaking, auto refill services aren’t really all that exciting as most companies, including Boost and Red Pocket, offer an auto refill program to help make the process of paying for your service a little simpler. Most of the MVNOs that have auto refill service have monthly plans and so it makes sense. But, as it turns out, TracFone also has an auto refill program which could be incredibly useful not just for monthly customers, but for customers who are worried about running out of minutes. I admit that I’m not a huge TracFone fan so I’m not really sure how long this service has been offered, but from what it looks like, any TracFone customer can enroll in the program to have refills delivered to their device at the same date each month much like any other refill program. In order to enroll, you must have a credit or debit card on file and must purchase a refill. Whenever you complete the purchase, there will be an option to sign up for the auto refill, and from that point on, you will be charged automatically for the same refill each month and the minutes will be added to your account automatically. In order to change the auto refill service amount, customers must call customer service. Personally, I am a little surprised that TracFone offers this service as most pay-as-you-go plans are, by default, a little bit more of a hassle in terms of how frequently you need to watch your minutes and when to purchase refills. Having something like an auto refill system could be a great boon for customers who use about the same amount every month. Of course, from a wireless company standpoint, a service like this is nice and will turn a flighty prepaid customer into a slightly more stable customers. From a customer standpoint, you negate the risk of having no service and having to stop and buy a refill before making that all-important call. It’s like a win-win. For more information on TracFone’s auto refill service or to check out TracFone’s other plans, visit the TracFone website.]]>

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