Tracfone Debuts Holiday Deals

tracfone holiday

Tracfone has released their holiday deals a little bit late this year. While they don’t have the most popular phones, if you’re looking for a simple smartphone for a loved one or a good backup phone then Tracfone is a great place to start. Here are their most notable holiday promotions:
  •  LG Optimus Dynamic (white or black) – $49.99 + triple minutes for life
  • LG Optimus Dynamic II – $79.99 (reg. $130) + triple minutes for life – WEB ONLY
  • ZTE Valet  – $29.99 (reg. $80) + triple minutes for life – WEB ONLY
  • Samsung Galaxy Centura – $59.99 + triple minutes for life
  • LG Optimus Fuel – $79.99 + triple minutes for life
As a note, the ‘triple minutes for life’ promotion means that all refills on the phone are multiplied by three. That goes for minutes, texts and data for as long as the phone is active on Tracfone’s service. Some of the more expensive refills offer this promotion as well, but I don’t believe they stack. There are also a number of QWERTY keyboard-phones in the $10 – $30 range, most with either triple or double minutes as well. For a full list of their holiday deals, click here.  ]]>

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