TracFone Now Selling GSM SIMs for AT&T Network

Nearly two years ago, TracFone suddenly stopped selling AT&T services, SIMs and phones with virtually no explanation. Then, with next to no fanfare, last week the company debuted its first GSM AT&T smartphone in years. We mentioned briefly that TracFone looked like it might be soon adding GSM SIMs to its SIM options, and it looks like the rumors were true. TracFone is now officially selling GSM SIM card kits for use with compatible unlocked GSM devices. You can purchase a SIM kit for $6.99 from TracFone, and it looks like the SIMs actually should work both inside a CDMA Verizon phone or a GSM device. SIM Kits are compatible with most 3G and 4G smartphones and should be able to access LTE speeds. The kits include Standard, Micro and Nano CDMA and GSM SIMs. The SIM Kits must be purchased with an airtime service plan. Additionally, TracFone is offering free shipping on all SIM bundle or SIM Kit orders of $26 or more. Much like a regular TracFone device, the BYOD TracFones will be eligible from the same “triple-triple” billing scheme which basically will triple the actual amount on the card whenever you load it onto your device. This triple-triple billing service is free and does not require any special purchase, as far as I am aware. In order to activate your GSM phone via TracFone, the device must be unlocked and must be compatible. You should check your phone’s compatibility on TracFone’s website prior to ordering a SIM kit, although as long as the phone isn’t too old and is unlocked and paid for, I don’t imagine you’ll have much of a problem. For more information on TracFone services and plans, you can visit TracFone’s website. TracFone is one of the largest prepaid companies and offers both pay-as-you-go services as well as monthly prepaid plans.]]>

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