US Cellular Changes Up Prepaid Plans


Of all of the phone carriers out there, US Cellular tends to be kind of forgotten as it doesn’t have the best network (although it’s definitely been improving steadily in recent years). However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t well worth a look, and recently the carrier changed its prepaid offerings. Currently, US Cellular is offering customers the following prepaid plans through its website.
  • $30 – 500 minutes, unlimited talk
  • $35 – unlimited talk and text, 500 MB data
  • $45 – unlimited talk and text, 3 GB data
  • $60 – unlimited talk and text, 6 GB data
  • $75 – unlimited talk and text, 12 GB data
Customers can also add unlimited talk and text to Mexico and canada for around $10 per month In addition to the above plans, customers can pick up a limited-time plan at various retail outlets including Walmart and Dollar General. These plans, from what I understand, are only available through partners and the three most expensive can qualify for a $5 discount when customers sign up for auto pay. Here are the Ready Connect plans:
  • $25 plan -100 minutes, unlimited text, and 1 GB data
  • $35 plan – unlimited talk and text, 1 GB data
  • $45 plan – unlimited talk and text, 4 GB data
  • $55 plan – unlimited talk and text, 8 GB data
  • $75 plan – unlimited talk and text, 12 GB data
US Cellular is a good company so it’s probably safe to assume that customers would be grandfathered on these plans if they suddenly no longer become available. It doesn’t say so on the website, but the company has a good reputation for business. I find it interesting that these plans, with the $5 auto pay discount, are actually a little better than the one through US Cellular’s website. There doesn’t seem to be a way to check if your Walmart has the plan or not, so definitely take a peek if you’re a US Cellular user. For more information on these plans, or to check out the device and porting options, visit the US Cellular website.]]>

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