US Cellular makes changes to prepaid plans

For some reason we often neglect ol’ US Cellular around these parts. I’m not sure why. We can’t ignore it, though, when they make changes to their prepaid plans. They’ve done just that recently, lowering the prices of their two monthly unlimited plans. There is a new restriction in place, though, but it’s really not all that bad. Previously US Cellular offered unlimited minutes and messaging plans, providing 2GB of data for $70 per month or 1GB for $60. The $70 plans is now bumped down to $65, while the $60 plan gets an even bigger reduction, to $50. The hitch is that prepaid smartphone customers must use the $65 plan. That’s only $5 more than the previous 1GB cap, and it provides an extra GB of usage. While some customers will object — they might not want to pay the extra $5, because they don’t need the extra GB — overall it doesn’t look like the worst deal. Those who wish to use the $50 plan are stuck with feature phones. That’s not all bad, though, since many of those feature phones do have basic browsers and QWERTY keyboards. Those customers can also choose the $35 monthly plan, which provides 400 minutes, 400 text messages, and 400 picture messages. There is, however, a $20 activation fee and overage minutes cost 25 cents each. All in all it’s not that bad for US Cellular customers. Those formerly on the $60 monthly plan might have to cough up $5 more per month, but at least they’re getting something for that dough. ]]>

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