Verizon Adds New $40 Prepaid Plan

Of the four main national network carriers, Verizon has traditionally been the one to care the least about its prepaid subscribers. However, it looks like that is slowly changing as Verizon recently unveiled a new $40 prepaid plan to its lineup. This plan is meant to aim at lower-data users and offers 2 GB of high speed data and unlimited throttled data after the high-speed allotment is used. This move puts Verizon’s prepaid plans much in line with rivals and might show that Verizon finally understands that there is a whole cadre of prepaid users who don’t need tons of data and are really looking for a cheaper option with a usable amount of data. It’s not the cheapest way to get 2 GB of data, but it’s certainly going to be on the most reliable network which may be worth it to some people. Here’s what Verizon’s prepaid plans look like right now:
  • $30 – unlimited talk and text, unlimited data (basic phones only)
  • $40 – unlimited talk and text, 2 GB high speed data, unlimited throttled data
  • $50 – unlimited talk and text, 5 GB high speed data, unlimited throttled data
  • $60 – unlimited talk and text, 10 GB high speed data, unlimited throttled data
The smartphone plans also include carryover data and unlimited text to more than 200 countries, as well as options to add calling to Mexico and Canada. To check out Verizon’s prepaid devices, plans, and other add-ons, visit the Verizon prepaid website.]]>

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