Walmart Verizon Phone Options

Walmart has twenty five Verizon contract phone offerings. These phones cover a range of prices and features. The least expensive cost option is .01 cent for a LG Enact phone to a more expensive 269.99 Droid Maxx phone. All phones are standard with the Android operating system or a proprietary company operating system. Some of these proprietary systems are based on Android so will have similar functionality. Of the Android phones, two use the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the operating system, others the Jelly Bean version.

Several of the phones offered by Walmart are specifically designed for rugged conditions. The Samsung Convoy 3 is engineered to military specification indicating the tough conditions the phone can endure. Similarly, the Casio Commando is also designed for rough environments. The Hydro Elite by Kyrocera is waterproof and all Walmart Droid phone s use. Kevlar and laser cut glass that resists damage to the screen.

All but the basic phones are equipped with cameras. Higher end phones, such as the HTC One, are equipped with a higher resolution optics. Also HTC phones are advertised to be come with specialized photography software.

While Walmart does not offer any Apple phones, it does offer the Samsung Galaxy Series smart phones. The Galaxy offerings include the S3, S4 and the Galaxy Note. Each phone come loaded with applications, while more applications are offered in the Android Store. The Motorola Droid series is competitive priced with the higher tier Samsung Galaxy offerings and has similar features and functionality.

Several phones are tailored for the Verizon 4G LTE Network, meaning faster data speeds for these units as compared to the 3G phones. The Droid DNA and the Droid Ultra as well as Droid Maxx are for use with the 4G Network. Of these phones the Droid Maxx offers a full 1080p screen resolution. Coupled with the 4G the Droid Maxx is capable of handling video at higher resolutions than the others for a better multimedia experience.

The options for the Walmart Verizon phones presents customers a variety of devices and covers a range of prices. Phones with options for wet or dry environments and phones that can take some punishment, present the consumer with devices that could easily be used for work as well as play. Other phones are good for that teenager who likes to text a lot or the traveling professional who needs multimedia capability.