Virgin Mobile tries to solidify its prepaid message

prepaid carriers gain subscribers in this time, and even saw T-Mobile add more prepaid customers than postpaid in the third quarter. We haven’t, however, seen prepaid carriers aggressively pushing this message. That could change soon, as Virgin Mobile has hired Shift Communications to help convey its message.

Shift, which was expected to commence work on the account January 1, will assist Virgin Mobile on three major challenges facing the company. Among them is changing the perception of prepaid cell phones in the consumer marketplace, according to Jayne Wallace, VP of corporate communications at Virgin Mobile.
There are many myths of prepaid wireless, and those need to be dispelled before the sector can really grow. Well, that and people’s contracts need to expire. Thankfully, due to some media help, it does appear that the perception is changing, and that can only be a good thing for prepaid wireless. Wallace goes on to explain how Virgin is expanding its offerings, including a splash into postpaid:
“We are developing a new campaign and branding to be broad enough to encompass prepay and post-pay,” Wallace explained. “But prepay is still our bread and butter and we want to let people know that in this economy it’s a great alternative, not just a second-best option.”
I guess we’ll see how Shift attempts to change the message of prepaid. For now, it’s sounding good.]]>

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