Voyager Mobile Plans Overview

Update: Voyager Mobile is shutting down. See this post for more details. Voyager Mobile is one of those quiet MVNOs that doesn’t get too much press or attention, but they have some pretty good deals, depending on what services you need. This Sprint MVNO is located in Tennessee and offers several well-priced plans for everyone. Here’s an overview of what they offer: My Way Everything Plans Voyager’s signature My Way Everything Plans are designed to cater to all types of users, depending on how much data you need. These plans include unlimited voice, unlimited text, a limited amount of high speed data (listed below), voicemail, call forwarding, three-way calling, Google Voice support, cash back rewards and more. Here’s a breakdown of the 4G data and prices:
  • $35 – 500 MB
  • $39 – 1 GB
  • $45 – 2 GB
  • $60 –   3 GB
  • $75 –  4 GB
My Way Unlimited If smartphones and tons of data aren’t your thing, then the My Way Unlimited plans are perfect for you. You can add data packs for when you absolutely have to have data on your phone.
  • $27 – Unlimited talk and text
  • $25 – Unlimited talk
Data packs:
  • $6 – 100 MB data
  • $9 – 250 MB data
My Home Unlimited In the spirit of keeping life uncomplicated, Voyager Mobile also offers a My Home Unlimited plan which costs $22 and gives you unlimited nationwide calling, voicemail, three-way calling, call forwarding, and more.]]>

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