Overview Of Walmart Prepaid Phones

Others may just not want to give out their personal information to a cell phone carrier. For those people a prepaid phone is an ideal way for them to be able to have a phone on their own terms. Their is no contract or commitment which allows its user to decide just exactly how it will be used. Walmart is one of the stores which is now offering prepaid cell phones to its customers. Whether you are in the market for a regular prepaid phone, or a smart phone, Walmart has it all. A prepaid phone enables you to acquire the latest technology with no contract or commitment. Walmart provides you with this service at prices which are guaranteed to be lower then any of their competitors. They even offer prepaid cell phone cards you can use to add airtime to your phone. Having a prepaid cell phone is a great way for you to be able to control how much talk-time you actually use. Buying time to add to your phone is also a better way for you to manage your funds. You don’t have to be worried about overage charges, or having a payment deducted from your bank account. Walmart offers the newest brands of phones; such as the Nokia Lumia, the Samsung Galaxy 4, or the iPhone 5. All of these phones are available with no contract. As an incentive, Walmart also offers gift cards towards future purchases with many of its prepaid phones. They also offer a program where you can trade in an old cell phone or tablet for a credit towards the purchase of a new cell phone. Many companies such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Straight Talk Wireless, Net10, MetroPCS, and Verizon all offer prepaid phones which can be purchased at Walmart. If you are already an owner of a prepaid phone then you can go directly to the Walmart website and buy individual prepaid phone cards to add airtime to your phone, all with just the click of a button. Once purchased, the phone card will be delivered directly to your email inbox. You will then be able to immediately add the airtime to your phone.]]>