6 Mobile Apps to Organize Your Life in 2013

1. AwesomeNote ($3.99 for iPhone, $4.99 for iPad)

This handy little graphical organizer will securely save all of your various notes, to-do lists, work and travel, work and social schedules, appointments, photos, maps, sketches, cherished images and much, much more. You can store everything in a designated folder, and tuck it away for whenever you need it. And that’s not just all, Awesome Note lets you edit and organize your life using color-coded tags, fonts, icons, and you can even customize the background if it inspires you to plot out your life more effectively. If you’re worried, you can even outfit each folder with a password for the most secure storage.

2. LastPass (for Mac, Windows, Linix, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry)

This free, yes, it’s a free password app, is a blessing, especially if you’re like me and use multiple user names and passwords for various email, social networking, shopping, and financial online accounts. Let’s just say when it comes to numbers, my short term memory has vacated the premises. LastPass stores and automatically synchronizes all of your passwords so you don’t have to. And if you have troubles thinking up new passwords—let’s face it, 1-2-3-4-5 is not hard to crack—this app will generate and store a robust and random password for you to use so your most sensitive information is always protected.

3. Remember the Milk (for Android, iPhone, Outlook, and Gmail)

Remember the Milk is the ultimate list-making app when it comes to organizing and prioritizing your shopping lists and various to-dos. This app stores everything by priority when you assign a due date, and even sends reminders via email, SMS text, or instant messenger (your preference). Not only does this app synch all of my to-dos and shopping chores across my various devices, it lets me share them with my hubby so we don’t overlap on grocery store pick-ups or forget to pick up the kids from soccer practice because we assume the other did.

4. Habit Streak (Free for Android)

I realize that we’re two months into 2013. However, that didn’t guilt me into keeping true to my workouts—until Habit Streak – the app that keeps me honest. This tool is great for developing healthy lifestyle changes, whatever your goals happen to be. Habit Streak provides a method for setting and prioritizing goals, by reminding you via text alerts and tracking your success. Simply launch the app and input your goals for a specific time period—Habit Streak will do the rest!

5. Mint.com (Free – for Mac, Windows, Android or iOS)

Are finances getting you flustered? That’s why I enlisted the help of Mint.com. This essential personal finance app organizes, categorizes, and tracks all things financial via graphs that track your spending for you. Every time I make a purchase I record it in Mint. The app really surprised me when it came up with some really great money-saving advice. For example, I didn’t realize that my twice daily latte habit was eating away at my monthly finances. Now that I’ve curbed my latte cravings, I can put that money to better use—on my mortgage.

6. Evernote (Free for iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Windows, and Web OS)

Take control of your chaotic professional life with Evernote, the tool that lets you record audio and text memos in real-time. With Evernote you can make voice recordings to remind yourself of to-dos, appointments, social engagements, directions, contacts, and even little sources of inspiration, then tag, store and synch your reminders across all of your devices. When you need to access or edit a note, just search by tag.]]>

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