Android vs iOS Debate

If there is one absolute, it is that people just love to argue. If there is more than one option for something, then there is inevitably an argument over which is better. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the world of smartphones, where rabid Android and Apple fans have been raging verbal war for years. It’s nearly impossible to read smartphone-related news without coming across at least one comment about the superiority of one system or another. In fact, this debate recently reached the pinnacle of ridiculous when two drunken roommates got into a fight over which phone operating system is better: Android of iOS. Reports confirm that each felt so strongly about this issue that they stabbed each other with broken beer bottles. Both men were treated for non life-threatening injuries at the hospital and face charges. That’s taking phones a little too seriously, perhaps. While I personally have an Android phone in my pocket, I can’t say that I’d be willing to stab someone for saying that their iPhone was superior, and I’ll happily admit that the iPhone 6 is an absolutely beautiful device. In the end, it probably comes down to preference although there are some differences between the systems. Here’s a brief pro-con list I’ve thrown together:


  • Pros
    • Wide price range makes it more accessible
    • More customization options
    • Open Source means a wider range of apps/capabilities/control
  • Cons
    • Higher risk of security/privacy threats
    • Updates are at carrier discretion and may not be timely
    • There are lot of lower-quality devices on the market
    • Phones can be complicated for novices

apple logoiOS

  • Pros
    • Phones network beautifully and easily with other Apple devices
    • Fewer security risks
    • Updates are through Apple and are very timely
  • Cons
    • More expensive device
    • Many apps are limited to communicating with other iOS users
    • Customization is limited
As you can see, both operating systems have plenty of pros and cons, and in the end it depends on how important customization vs privacy is to you. So tell me, which do you prefer? Vote in the poll below and leave us a comment explaining what you love so much about your device!
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