How do you use your smartphone?


With the rise of texting, social media and smartphones in general, doomsayers have been claiming for years that the phone call is dead. Gizmodo put in a passionate plea a few months ago to stop making calls to people, and Nielson reported that the average length of a phone call has declined since 2007, when the first iPhone was introduced. But, despite all of the convenience of social media and simplicity of texting, is the phone call really dead? Does anyone actually make calls on their smartphones anymore?  The Pew Internet and American Life Project conducted a study asking consumers what they used smartphones for (aside from phone calls) and was found that taking pictures was the top two activity at 82%. conducted an informal study on their article and found that 31% of respondents surfed the internet as the main activity, even before phone calls. So it got me to thinking. What do people use their phones for? Vote in my poll and let’s settle this!
What do you use your smartphone for the most?
Phone calls
Taking Photos
Internet Browsing/Social Media

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