Smartphone April Fool's Day Pranks


April Fool’s Day is one of those unofficial holidays that is both hilarious and awful at the same time. I have always loved  playing pranks on others, but some of the ones I have seen are just plain mean. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take part in this awesome tradition! Here are some of my favorite phone-related pranks you can play on friends and family tomorrow! 1. Broken Android Screen

Phones are not only expensive to purchase, but extremely expensive to repair. Prank your friends and family by making it look like your (or their) Android screens are cracked! There are various versions of this app, most of which require some sort of payment. Unfortunately, I only found this for Android, not for iPhone.

2. Farting Phone App

Whoopie cushions are so 1980. Update this classic prank with a farting app that is timed or motion sensitive. Turn it on and let ‘er rip! Available for iPhone and Android.

3. Unconventional Phone Charging


Dupe the non-techies in your life into thinking that your phone is charging without electricity. These apps make it look like you can charge your phone using touch, wind power (by blowing into the phone) or even solar power! Available for iPhone and Android.

4. Haunted Photos

Convince that one super superstitious friend that you’ve captured a photo of a ghost with these fun photo editing apps. Available for iPhone or Android.

5. Fake Conversations

Create a fake conversation between friends and post it to social media for a fun April fool’s day prank! The apps are available for various social media, and there are also several free versions online. Available for iPhone or Android.

6. Text-in-progress animation

text animation

Annoy your fellow iPhone friends by sending them this ‘text-in-progress’ animation in the form of a text. The animation will make it look like you’re typing indefinitely, provided your friend doesn’t click on the image. Classic! You can save the image here. Would probably also work on Facebook Messenger for non-iPhone users.

7. Swap keyboard shortcuts

Personal dictionaries and typing shortcuts are fantastic. Until someone messes with them. Change a common personal dictionary term (like dirty clothes in the example above) and let the fun begin!

 8. Swap Contact Info

If your friends are foolish enough to let you get your hands on their phones, swap numbers out for two contacts, like a girlfriend for a family member, or a saved office number for a pizza joint, then let the fun begin! You might want to write down the numbers your swapping on your phone so you can put it back if necessary.

9. Change Ringtones download

Put an embarrassing song as a ringtone for your friend, and then call them in a public place.

What pranks have you played on your friends? Share them with us in the comments! Happy April Fool’s Day!!]]>

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