Simple Freedom Prepaid Wireless Phones

Note: Simple Freedom is now part of Alltel U Prepaid. For more information, check out the Alltel review.
Simple Freedom is a prepaid cell phone provider based in Little Rock, Arkansas and is owned by Alltel Communications.
With simple pricing plans and no contracts of credit checks, as well as a partnership with larger retailers like Wal-Mart and K-Mart to make the phones available to the public, the name is quickly becoming more well known.
Pros: There are no plans, contracts or credit checks with Simple Freedom and pricing is simple. There are only two pricing tiers, local and roaming. All calls within the local area are 15 cents per minute and all roaming calls are 59 cents per minute. Minutes roll over so long as you purchase more minutes within the service agreement. Certain purchases have longer service agreements than others.
Cons: Simple Freedom's customer service department has limited hours. In addition, there is only one camera phone available through this provider.
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Detailed Provider Information
Plans: With Simple Freedom, your per minute rate is determined by the area you are located in when making and receiving calls. Calls made and received in your home area are 15 cents per minute. Calls made and received in a roaming area are 59 cents per minute. Simple Freedom airtime cards are sold in 20, 30, 50 and 100 dollar increments.
Customer Service: Customer service is available by phone between the following hours; Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to Midnight CST, Saturday from 7a .m. to 8 p.m. CST and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST. Customer service is also available via email during the same hours.
Credit Check: None
Contract: None
Payment Options: There are no month to month plans. Simple Freedom is a straight “buy minutes plan” that offers you two ways to buy more minutes for use; you can purchase “Simple Freedom” airtime cards at retailers nationwide, or you can purchase minutes by calling a service number using a credit card by phone. While you cannot order refills from their website at this time, refill cards are available at
Text and Picture Messaging: Text messaging is available from Simple Freedom and costs 8 cents per message sent or received. No picture messaging available at this time.
Data Plans: No data plans are available with Simple Freedom at this time.
Downloadables: Ringtones are available for Simple Freedom phones through Alltel and start at 99 cents per ringtone downloaded.
International Calling: Simple Freedom offers limited international calling capabilities. International calling is available to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico for 50 cents surcharge per minute plus airtime charges.
Roaming Charges: Calls made while roaming are charged at 59 cents per minute.
Calling Features: All Simple Freedom phones comes with call waiting, caller ID and voicemail.
Activation Fee: Activation is included with the initial cost of the phone.
Nationwide Long Distance: Nationwide long distance is included with Simple Freedom. Long distance calls within the United States are treated as regular calls.
411 Calls: Directory assistance is available. Calls to directory assistance are charged a $1.25 surcharge in addition to airtime.
Earliest Minute Expiration: Expiration depends on the denomination of card purchased. 20, 30 and 50 dollar cards expire in 60 days. 100 dollars cards expire in one year. When airtime is added within current service period, the entire balance receives a new service period. If the balance on your account reaches 0 dollars and you do not refill it within 120 days, your account will be canceled and your number recycled. To re-activate your service, you'll need to call customer service and be assigned a new number. There are no fees to re-activate your service.
911 Calls: Yes
Phones: All phones offered by Simple Freedom have GPS location capability. Some models have color display, downloadable ringtones, and speakerphones. There is one flip phone available. There is one camera phone available at this time. Phones are available at Wal-Mart and K-Mart stores.
Some Available Cell Models:
Kyocera Candid KX16
Nokia 6015i
Nokia 2865i
Motorola W315
Kyocera SoHo KX1 (shown)
Coverage Map: Simple Freedom Coverage Map
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