Venture Mobile Prepaid Cellular Plans

Venture Mobile is based in Washington and boasts that it is on the cutting edge of technologies and offers services in the telecommunications industry such as cellular (prepaid and traditional), Internet and long distance services.
Pros: You can choose between the Verizon or PCS Networks to ensure reliable call quality and connections.
Cons: Venture Mobile gives you a very small amount leeway if your monthly payment is late. Your account is deactivated and your mobile number is lost within a small timespan of a late payment. The service also offers no downloadable ringtones, games or images.
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Detailed Provider Information
Plans: With Venture Mobile, you have a choice as to whether to choose to have your phone utilize either the Verizon Network or PCS Network. Prepaid plans on the Verizon Network start at $24.99 a month for 70 anytime minutes and 2,900 night and weekend minutes, and go up to $129.99 per month for 1,600 anytime minutes and 2,900 night and weekend minutes. All overages on the Verizon network are charged at 29 cents per minute. Prepaid cell phone plans on the PCS Network start at $9.99 for 45 minutes and seven days of unlimited nights and weekends, and go up to $199.99 per month for 2,000 anytime minutes and 30 days of night and weekend minutes. Overages on the PCS Network are charged at 15 cents per minute.
Customer Service: Venture Mobile offers customer support and care via email and a toll free number.
Credit Check: None
Contract: None
Payment Options: You pay for your first month and your last month when you sign up for Venture Mobile's prepaid cellular service. A text message reminder is sent three days before the end of your billing cycle to pay your next month's bill. If your bill is not paid on time, your account is deactivated and your mobile number is lost. Payment can be made online with a credit card or debit card. Retail locations also accept cash payments.
Text and Picture Messaging: Venture Mobile does offer text messaging. The cost to send or receive a text message is 10 cents per message on the Verizon network, and 8 cents per message to send and receive on the PCS Network. No additional monthly text messaging plans are available.
Data Plans: Web access is available as an add-on. However, we could not find a specific rate via the web nor a call to customer service.
Downloadables: Venture Mobile does not have any downloadables available.
International Calling: Venture Mobile does offer integrated internal calling with fairly low rates. You'll want to check with customer service before calling internationally as rates vary based upon the destination of the call you place.
Roaming Charges: It is free to roam anywhere on the network you choose when you sign up with Venture. Cellular calls placed outside your chosen network are charged an additional fee of 58 cents per minute on the Verizon network, and 64 cents per minute on the PCS Network.
Calling Features: Voicemail, caller ID and 3 way calling are included with all Venture Mobile plans.
Activation Fee: There is no activation fee for the Verizon network. For the PCS Network, there is a $10 activation fee.
Nationwide Long Distance: Nationwide long distance is included. Calls made to anywhere in the United States are billed the same as regular calls.
411 Calls: Yes, directory assistance is available at a cost of 2 dollars per call plus airtime with the Verizon network, $1.79 per minute plus airtime with the PCS Network.
Earliest Minute Expiration: Minutes carry over each minute and do not expire unless your account is deactivated. Upon deactivation, the remaining minutes on your account are lost.
911 Calls: Yes
Phones: There are not a large number of phones available through Venture Mobile, but phones start at $79.99 and all have color displays. They all have the basic features in demand of cellular phone models on the market. No camera phones are offered. However, there are certain approved phones that you can use without purchasing a phone from Venture. See website for details.
Some Available Cell Models:
LG 1200
Motorola V265 (shown)
Motorola 720
Samsung A660
Motorola 710
Coverage Map: Venture Mobile Coverage Map
Shop for deals on Venture Mobile phones and plans Visit the official Venture Mobile website Write a review