Xtreme Mobile Prepaid Cellular Service Review

Xtreme Mobile is a smaller prepaid cellular provider based in White Plains, New York that has taken the route of offering simple plans to consumers hoping to stand out from their sometimes complicated counterparts.
Xtreme Mobile routes their calls through the Sprint PCS network allowing for high quality calling through a prepaid provider.
Pros: Xtreme Mobile has an extremely (no pun intended) simple service plan that makes it easy for anyone to use the service and know what they're spending. Additionally, minutes do not expire with Xtreme Mobile. Calls are routed through the Sprint PCS network, allowing big brand quality.
Cons: There are limited phone choices and the service is a bit expensive compared to other service providers with the access charge. Xtreme Mobile also doesn't have many additional features outside of the basic phone features and text messaging.
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Detailed Provider Information
Plans: Xtreme Mobile has two service offerings. On the base plan all calls are charged at 15 cents per minute for anytime minutes, with unlimited nights and weekends (9 p.m. to 7 a.m.). There is also an access fee of 60 cents per day. The access fee is charged per day, whether or not you actually use the phone on that day. With the Presto plan, you get everything you do with the base plan, but also get free push to talk. The difference in cost is that the access fee is 1 dollar per day vs. the 60 cents per day with the base plan. Also note that if your balance remains at 0 dollars for more than ten days, your account will be deactivated and your number recycled.
Customer Service: Customer service is available by phone via a toll free number or by email.
Credit Check: None
Contract: None
Payment Options: Xtreme Mobile offers an autopay option that allows you to automatically have funds added when the balance reaches zero (note that there is a 15 dollar charge if autopay attempts to recharge your account and there are non suffiicient funds). You can also replenish your account via their online store and retail locations and outlets.
Text and Picture Messaging: Text messaging is available for a cost of 10 cents per message sent or received. Picture messaging is not available at this time.
Data Plans: Xtreme Mobile does offer mobile web for 5 cents per KB of data used.
Downloadables: No downloadables are available for Xtreme Mobile customers at this time.
International Calling: International calling is available but rates vary widely depending on the destination country. You can find rates on their site or via calling customer service, but you should note that the rates listed on the Xtreme Mobile site are listed as the price per 30 seconds, not per minute as is the usual standard.
Roaming Charges: Calls made on the Sprint PCS network are not subject to roaming charges. If you roam outside the Sprint PCS coverage area, your phone will not work.
Calling Features: Voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and three way calling (when using the three way calling feature, charges for both numbers dialed will apply) are included with service.
Activation Fee: The activation fee is included in the cost of purchasing your phone when you begin service. If your account is deactivated for having a zero balance for more than ten days, there is a 45 dollar re-activation fee to resinstate service (note, you will also be assigned a new number).
Nationwide Long Distance: With Xtreme Mobile, long distance is included with nationwide long distance being charged the same as regular calls.
411 Calls: Directory assistance is available at a cost of $1.95 per call.
Earliest Minute Expiration: Minutes do not expire.
911 Calls: Yes
Phones: Xtreme Mobile only has four different phones available at the time of writing this review. All four phones have fairly simple feature sets. The phones offered are priced between $49.99 and $104.99. All phones are PCS models and no camera phones were available at the time of our review. All phones come with 10 dollars of airtime.
Some Available Cell Models:
LG PM 225
Sanyo 7400
Samsung A740 (shown)
Sanyo 8200
Coverage Map: Coverage map for Xtreme Mobile
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