Advantages of the Airvoice Prepaid Wireless Service

Airvoice Wireless does not lock you into any type of service contract. There are several different types of monthly plans that will fit your phone needs. If you use your phone more for accessing the internet and less for texting and calling, there is a plan for that. When you can pick and choose the type of monthly plan you want, you are only using the services that you need for your phone. In addition to no contracts, there are no upfront activation fees at Airvoice Wireless. They will never run a credit check on you and base your fees off of your credit. Depending on how often you are on your phone, Airvoice Wireless has several low cost monthly plans that will fit your needs perfectly. They offer pay as you go types plans for people who do not use their phones frequently, as well as unlimited plans for people who are calling and texting frequently through their day. Regardless which type of plan you choose, the costs are going to be but a small fraction of what the larger phone companies will be charging for the same service. When your family plan with the big carriers goes over the limit, you will be hit with huge penalties at the end of the month that can really put a hurt on your finances. At Airvoice Wireless you will never go over the limit when you use one of the pay as you go packages. These plans are perfect with families with children who are using smartphones. The unlimited packages give them the freedom to spend all the time they want on their phones with you suffering each month in overage charges. Pay for your plans as long as you want to keep the service. You are not locked into the service for years and can change your plans whenever you choose.]]>

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