Calling Mart Services and Benefits

Mobile Phone Refill Cards

Mobile phone cards are among the most popular products at Calling Mart. T-Mobile, Verizon and Tracfone mobile phone cards are three well-known brands that are available through Calling Mart but there are also over a dozen other options available, including i-Wireless, Net10 and pageplus. In order to receive the discounted price, customers simply need to choose the mobile calling card they wish to purchase and checkout. Your PIN and the information that is needed to refill your mobile plan will be emailed to you. The process is completed in less than an hour in most cases, providing customers with the lowest prices available on prepaid mobile refill cards. Customers can also fund mobile phones in other countries, including Afghanistan, Mexico and El Salvador, using Calling Mart services. After choosing the country where the mobile phone is located, customers will need to enter the mobile phone number and the amount they wish to send. You will need to confirm the phone number that you wish to fund and complete checkout before the funds are sent. This process is also very easy and is one of the simplest ways to fund a mobile phone for a loved one living in another region of the world.

Customer Service

One of the benefits of shopping with Calling Mart is that you can contact customer service anytime you have a question about the services or products offered. Customer service representatives can assist you with identifying which products fit your specific needs best and provide you with assistance in adding your refill PIN to your mobile phone if needed.]]>

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