AirVoice Wireless Changes Plan Lineup


Though it hasn’t shown up on the website yet, AirVoice Wireless has made some major changes to its plan lineup which went into effect immediately. I originally saw the information on Prepaid Phone News’ website, then called AirVoice to confirm and boy am I glad I did. According to the customer service rep, AirVoice will be dropping its $40 and $60 plans and adding data to the $30 and $50 plans. Customers who have the upgraded plans will see the data hike on their next renewal. Customers who have the discontinued plans will greatly benefit from hopping to the new plans as they’re slightly better deals. I am unsure if AirVoice will prompt the switch or not, but I would assume so. The pay-as-you-go service and the $10 talk and text plans will remain the same. Here’s what the plan lineup looks like right now:
  • pay as you go – $10/$20/$30 cards; $0.10 per minute/message, $0.066 per MB
  • $10 – includes up to 250 minutes OR 500 texts; includes a pay as you go
  • $30 – unlimited talk and text, 1 GB (formerly 500 MB)
  • $50 – unlimited talk and text, 5 GB (formerly 2 GB)
Additionally, it looks like AirVoice also now has automated their customer service line for customers who simply want to refill minutes or activate a phone. While it’s a little tedious if you want to talk to a live person, it bodes well for the company as it shows they’re expanding and growing. In order to bypass the options, press 1 for english, then 8 at the second menu and 3 at the third. Prepaid Phone News also reported that AirVoice has added the option to disable the USSD Push Notifications after you complete a billable action (ie call, SMS, MMS or data session). In order to opt out, you’ll need to call customer service. As I don’t currently have an active AirVoice number I can’t test it out, however. AirVoice is an AT&T MVNO which has been in service for several years and has really cheerful customer service associates and reasonable rates with this most recent update. You can purchase a phone through AirVoice, but really activating your own device is probably the better way to go. For more information on AirVoice Wireless visit the website.]]>

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