T-Mobile to Add Unlimited Talk/Text Pass

I read today on T-Mo News that T-Mobile is finally wising up and marketing to a huge segment of travelers and tourists who are looking for a good prepaid option while visiting the United States. According to the article, T-Mobile will soon be adding a week long pass for customer looking for limited-time connectivity. On June 28, T-Mobile is rumored to be launching a new seven-day unlimited talk and text pass to customers who need service for a small window of time. This pass will cost $10 and will be part of the Pay-as-you-go service. At the moment, it doesn’t look like it includes data. However, T-Mobile already has data passes available for its prepaid customers, so adding data wouldn’t be a huge issue. To purchase the one week pass, customers will have to set up a pay-as-you-go account and activate a compatible phone, of course. Unlike Boost (which also offers unlimited passes for a shorter amount of time) T-Mobile is a GSM carrier which means that there’s a chance that some global phones will work on the network. Regardless, T-Mobile has some pretty affordable devices if someone only needs it for a week. When the actual plan becomes active, I’ll see about getting some more information. Right now, be aware that this is still in the rumor phase, albeit a pretty solid rumor.]]>

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