GoPhone Adds $30 Plan to Multi-Line Discount Offer


AT&T’s prepaid brand GoPhone recently began offering a multi-line discount for customers who bundled multiple devices on a single account. The promotional discount amount increased with each phone, up to $50 for five phones added. Previously, the deal was only available for the $45 and $60 plans. However, as of last week GoPhone made the cheaper $30 plan¬†eligible for the discount. The $30 plan includes unlimited talk and text with no data, as opposed with the other two with provide unlimited talk and text with either 4 or 8 GB of data. Users on the $30 plan can purchase data packages in increments of 250 MB for $5, or half a gig for $10 (although at that point, you’d be better off paying $5 more and getting 4 GB for the month). With the multi-line discount offer, customers can get discounts increasing in magnitude depending on how many lines are added.
  • 2 line = $5 discount
  • 3 lines = $10 discount
  • 4 lines = $15 discount
  • 5 lines = $20 discount
Additionally, the deal works with the $5 autopay discount, although that discount is only applied to the first line. GoPhone is an AT&T prepaid service which uses AT&T’s network. For more information on the GoPhone plans, and the multi-line discount, visit the GoPhone website.]]>

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