boom! Mobile Adds VoLTE & Other Features to Red Network

Boom! Mobile, the multi-carrier MVNO, has added some new features to customers using its Red (Verizon) network. Starting last week, customers using boom’s Verizon service were given free access to VoLTE, hotspot, and boom! monitor to check usage. Additionally, boom! Mobile has begun offering customers the option to purchase enhanced visual voicemail services for a monthly or yearly price.

VoLTE, Hotspot, and boom! Monitor

Several of the new options that boom! Mobile introduced this month are available to all customers free of charge. Those services include the ability to use your device as a hotspot, VoLTE service, and the new boom! Monitor. With VoLTE, customers can now enjoy higher call quality and have the ability to browse the web and use data while on a phone call. Not all devices are capable of VolTE, so make sure you check your device. You will need to sign in to your boom! Mobile account to set up VoLTE service. Hotspot capabilities are one of the more exciting updates, and something that customers frequently ask for with a prepaid service. With this feature, compatible phones can connect to other devices including tablets and computers to share data. Data limits are unchanged, and users can top-up data if the monthly allotment is used. The third free service available is the new boom! Mobile monitoring, which will allow ustomers to view recent usage summaries of text, data, and voice minutes in order to better monitor usage. In addition to these services, boom! Mobile has announced that Red Plan customers now will be able to make 6-way conference calls on compatible phones.

Visual Voicemail

In addition to the free services, the carrier has added Visual Voicemail service for Android and iPhones. With this service, users can listen to voicemail messages in any sequence and easily select and delete messages. Although the service will eventually be set on a monthly or yearly subscription, the company is allowing customers to test it out for free for a limited time. Customers who activate lines between now and September 1, 2017 will be able to use the service for free until January 1, 2019, after which the service will be subscription-based. Customers who activate service after August 31, 2017 will have to pay a $1.65 per month subscription fee or $9.99 per year to use the service.

Enhanced Visual Voicemail

For customers who are wanting a bit more out of their visual voicemail, enhanced visual voicemail (including the ability to have voicemail messages transcribed to text) is available for a monthly charge. The service will cost $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year.

boom! Mobile Red Plans

Depending on whether you have a 3G or 4G capable device, the plan options are a little different. Here’s how boom’s Red plan lineup looks right now: 3G Device Plans
  • $19.99 – Unlimited minutes and texts
  • $24.99 – Unlimited minutes and texts, 500 MB
4G Device Plans
  • $19.99 – Unlimited minutes and texts, 250 MB high speed data
  • $24.99 – Unlimited minutes and texts, 1 GB high speed data
  • $29.99 – Unlimited minutes and texts, 2 GB high speed data
  • $34.99 – Unlimited, minutes, texts, and 2G data, 2 GB high speed data
  • $39.99 – Unlimited minutes and texts, 5 GB high speed data
  • $44.99 – Unlimited minutes, texts, and 2G data, 5 GB high speed data
  • $64.99 – Unlimited minutes and texts, 7 GB high speed data
For more information on boom! Mobile’s plans and services, or to check out the other carrier plans, visit the boom! Mobile website.]]>

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