Boost Mobile Offers 4 Unlimited Lines for $100

Boost Mobile has launched a new promotion that will allow new Boost Mobile customers to activate up to four lines with unlimited talk, text, and data for $100. The promotion is available until March 17, 2017, and is only available for new customers. To qualify for the new promotion, at least one of the lines must be ported from a non-Sprint carrier. The promotion allows for up to four lines, but customers can choose to only have two or three lines on the plan. However, the price is still $100 whether you have two or four lines. The primary line is eligible for the $5 discount with auto-pay, and a fifth line can be added for $30. The new 4 lines for $100 promotion comes with the exact same addendums and features as Boost’s $50 unlimited plan including 50 minutes of voice roaming, video streaming degraded to 480p, audio streaming restricted to 500 kbps, online gaming data throttled to 2 Mpbs, and hotspots/tethering throttled after 8 GB. Additionally, users who exceed 23 GB per month will see their speeds slowed during congested times. You can read all the fine print here. Boost Mobile does allow activation of select Sprint devices (which you can check here) but chances are you’ll have to purchase a device. Fortunately, the carrier often has deals on phones, which you can check here. For more information on Boost Mobile or to check out its plans, promotions, and services, visit the Boost Mobile website.]]>

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