New MVNO, Faith Wireless, Donates to Your Church

A couple of weeks ago, a new Sprint MVNO, Faith Wireless, launched with a niche offering for religious smartphone users. Through Faith Wireless, customers can have 10% of every phone top-up donated directly to their church. The money, from what I gather, is donated on a monthly basis and does not include any processing fees—just straight 10% donation. Here are the plan offerings:
  • Helpful – $20 – 1,000 minutes, unlimited text, 100 MB
  • Devoted – $36 – Unlimited minutes and text, 2 GB
  • Righteous – $41 – Unlimited minutes and text, 3 GB
  • Virtuous – $46 – Unlimited minutes and text, 5 GB
  • Blessed – $56 – Unlimited minutes and text, 7 GB
As you can see, the larger the plan, the more that will be donated to your church. Donations range from $2 to $5.60. Users will have to give the company information on the church they wish to donate to upon signing up and Faith Wireless takes care of the rest. When it comes to a strict look at prices, I can’t say that these plans are super competitive. Boost Mobile offers unlimited data for $50, while Virgin Mobile offers 5 GB for $35. Faith Wireless offers a variety of phones for sale through Glyde, although all of the devices on the site are iPhones or Samsung Galaxy devices. The MVNO can also activate phones provided that customers have a compatible device and purchase a $10 SIM card. In order to celebrate launching, Faith Wireless is running a limited time promotion. New users can sign up using the promo code 2XDONATE in order to have the activation fee waived and double the first month’s donation. The company is extremely new, so the site is lacking some things still, including a coverage map or a lot of definite information about exactly how the donation portion works. However, if you’re interested in more information or checking this company out, you can visit the Faith Wireless website.]]>

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