Twigby Drops Prices on Plans

The list of Sprint MVNOs to keep up with is vast—more than 30 at my last count—so occasionally we’ll miss some. One such MVNO is Twigby, which launched early last year. The company offers buckets of data and voice, much like Consumer Cellular or Ting, along with unlimited texting. And, it looks like the company changed its pricing pretty recently. Here is the voice plan pricing (all of which includes unlimited texts):
  • $9 – 200 minutes
  • $11 – 500 minutes (previously $12)
  • $13 – 1,000 minutes (previously $17)
  • $15 – unlimited minutes (previously $25)
As is common with some Sprint MVNOs, the service allows roaming on Verizon’s network at no extra charge. That’s a pretty sweet deal as Verizon has undoubtedly the most complete network in the country. Consumers can add the following data buckets to their voice/text plans:
  • $3 – 150 MB
  • $6 – 500 MB (previously $10)
  • $10 – 1 GB (previously $14)
  • $15 – 2 GB (previously $23)
Twigby offers an “Overage Protection” option, which grants the user unlimited 2G data once the amount from your original bracket is used. This option is completely free and included with all plans. Users can turn it off if they wish. When turned off, users will be automatically bumped up to the next tier when they run out of data, similar to how Consumer Cellular and Ting function. The Overage Protection also works for minutes, and will disable calls until the next bill cycle. As far as phones goes, Twigby offers a range of entry level devices at pretty decent prices. It also allows BYOD provided the device is unlocked and compatible. For more information on Twigby phones, plans, and pricing, visit the Twigby website.]]>