Pure TalkUSA Changes Unlimited and Family Plans

Pure TalkUSA, an AT&T MVNO, has made some minute changes to a couple of its Unlimited Plans and has simplified how its bundled Family Plans work. Fortunately, all of the changes are good. The family plan revamp, in particular, has been a long time in coming. As far as the Unlimited plans go,  Pure TalkUSA has increased the data allotment of the $29 and $35 plans by half a GB and lowered the price of the $50 plan to $45. No other changes were made to that particular plan. Here’s what the plan lineup looks like as of today:

  • $24 – unlimited talk and text, 200 MMS, 200 MB
  • $29 – unlimited talk, text, and MMS, 1.5 GB (formerly 1 GB)
  • $35 – unlimited talk, text, and MMS, 2.5 GB (formerly 2 GB)
  • $45 – unlimited talk, text, and MMS, 4 GB (formerly $50)
Additionally, Pure TalkUSA’s family plans have been simplified slightly. The previous plan allowed customers to add up to 5 lines for a set amount per line and some complicated minute allotments. However, now customers can simply get a discount when bundling three to four lines together. With the new promotion, customers with 3 lines can qualify for 10% off the total bill. Four lines will get you 15% off of the total bill, allowing for more plan customization. With the new setup, customers simple add all the lines to a master account, then set the maximum dollar amount and the minutes available to each individual number. The family plan discount is automatically added when customers have at least three lines on the same plan. If lines are added mid-cycle, then the discount applies on the next full monthly bill. Pure TalkUSA has been around since 2004 and allows customers to build their own plan based on how the amount of minutes, texts, and data that each line needs. Plans start at $10 and go up from there. For more information or to build your own plan, visit the Pure TalkUSA website.]]>