Mango Mobile Overview


There is a new T-Mobile MVNO that has sprouted up recently. Mango Mobile has made its debut, adding to the long list of prepaid companies that operate on T-Mobile’s network. Sharing an address with AT&T MVNO Black Wireless, it looks as though the companies share a father company—presumably Sohel Distributor Incorporated (SDI), a supplier of prepaid phonecards for international calling. I thought since new MVNOs appear pretty often, and so many are short lived, you might like a little overview of what Mango Mobile has to offer. Read on!


  • Fresh Mango Plan — $19/month — unlimited talk, unlimited global text, $5 international talk credit, 100MB of 4G LTE data
  • Ripe Mango Plan — $19/month — 250 minutes of talk, unlimited global text, $5 international talk credit, 1GB of 4G LTE data
  • Sweet Mango Plan — $25/month — unlimited talk, unlimited global text, $10 international talk credit, 1 GB of 4G LTE data
  • Multi-Line Mango Plan — $19 for the first line, $16 for each additional — unlimited talk, unlimited global text, $5 international talk credit per line, and 100MB of 4G LTE data per line.
As you can see, there an emphasis on the international features. Each plan includes unlimited global text and an international talk credit, either $5 or $10 per month. With this, you get $5/$10 worth of minutes to international countries. It does vary quite wildly, though. In Denmark, calls to cellphones run at 15cents a minute… So you would only have 33 minutes with your $5 credit that month. In many areas of Mexico, however, you can get up 500 minutes with your $5 credit. You can check out Mango Mobile’s international rates by country here. There is also a lack of data in these plans, though. Since they do not have unlimited data, it will cut you off once you use your allotted amount. Mango Mobile has already figured out a way around that though: additional data is available for purchase. For light users, 100MB is offered for $2 and 400MB is offered for $5. After that, GBs are $10 all the way up to 5 for $50. You can find Mango Mobile’s plans in detail here.

SIM Cards and Phones

SIM cards come free (with free shipping) when you purchase a plan. Sales tax is only applied to New York residents. There is no activation fee when starting service, and any unlocked GSM device should be compatible with Mango Mobile. Currently, it is not offering any phones for sale. Mango Mobile’s website is put together well (unlike a lot of MVNOs), and easy to navigate. It offers a live customer service chat, and allows customers to do almost everything independently online. While this is not the company for heavy data users, if you need your phone for international texting and calling, Mango Mobile could be worth looking into. The rates are competitive. Mango Mobile operates on the network of the 3rd largest carrier in the U.S., T-Mobile. You can view its coverage map here.]]>