Boost Offers Free Month of Service

boost free

Boost Mobile, a Sprint-owned MVNO, has launched a new promotion after the recent end of their discounted phones deal. With this new promotion, new customers can get one month of Boost Mobile service free–a value of up to $55 dollars, depending on which plan you purchase. In order to qualify for this promotion you must:
  1. Purchase a phone from Boost Mobile. All phones available on Boost’s website are eligible, as well as select phones from other retailers. You must buy the phone before February 28, 2015.
  2. Activate the phone by signing up for a Data Boost Plan and paying for the first month’s service
    • Data boost plans all include unlimited talk, text and low speed data with some high speed data. Plan options are:
      • $35 for 1 GB
      • $45 for 5 GB
      • $55 for 10 GB
Within two weeks of activation, you should receive a credit on your account for the amount of the service you purchased. This offer is advertised as available both online and at select stores. For more information visit Boost Mobile’s website.]]>

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