Kajeet Limited Time Plans

Kajeet, one of the best child friendly phone companies on the market, has added three limited-time unlimited plans to their lineup. These plans should be available until at least July 2015, but users who sign up for the plans should be grandfathered if the plans are no longer available. Here are the unlimited plan options:
  • $24.99 – unlimited text, MMS and GPS phone locator; 500 GB data; 500 anytime minutes
  • $34.99 – unlimited text, MMS and GPS phone locator; 1 GB data; 1000 minutes
  • $49.99 – unlimited text, MMS, GPS phone locator and minutes; 2 GB data
Other available plans include:
  • $4.99 – 10 anytime minutes, pay-per-use everything else
  • $14.99 – unlimited texting, 60 minutes
  • $19.99 – unlimited texting and MMS, 150 minutes
All plans include unlimited parental controls. These parental controls allow parents to monitor and control usage of phones including blocking websites, disallowing numbers and setting limits to usage during certain times of the day. Kajeet can be used with most Sprint phones, and BYOD is available. However, customers also have the option of purchasing a new phone through Kajeet. For more inforamtion on Kajeet or to purchase a plan or phone, visit the Kajeet website.]]>

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