Boost releases the Motorola i410

How do you get excited over an unexciting device? The Motorola i410 was supposed to hit Boost Mobile in September, but it was delayed. It passed through the FCC earlier this month, and that didn’t help the excitement. We’re not any more exited now that Boost has officially announced the device. The only thing that could get me excited, really, is if the price comes in at below the rumored $80. There’s actually disappointment coming with this, too. Apparently, Motorola says that this “completes Boost Mobile’s 2008 device roadmap.” Awwwww man. ]]>

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  1. mike freeman on November 25, 2009 at 7:04 am

    This phone is HOT! For 2004. Man. They are so behind at the Moto Radio dept. Have they no clue that their REAL phone dept. was coming out with Razrs back in 2005? Talk about the right and left hands not knowing what the others are doing. It took the iphone to knock the Razr down.
    This is too plain, too expensive and too underwhelming. Nextel users might be thrilled but a chronic Boost complaint is about those ugly iden phones. lol.This does nothing to dispel that belief.
    Btw, the first iden Android phone will be coming out of the Israeli subdivision of Moto. It is to have wifi (to compensate for slow iden 2g web) and is called the OPUS. I just hope it is actually a NICE looking phone. For once.