New Boost Mobile plan: 10 cents all the time

Boost Mobile is about to find out. They’ve introduced a new option to their Pay As You Go Basic Plan. Now you can get calls at 10 cents per minute, all day, every day. It sounds like a simple, straightforward plan which shouldn’t add much confusion to their already extensive line of prepaid calling options.

Basically, this is Net10, except using the iDEN/CDMA network of Sprint Nextel. Since Net10 usually gets favorable comments on their simple, straightforward rates, this is a good thing. I’ve actually never had to deal with Boost customer service, but I have to imagine it’s better than Net10’s. If you’re looking for a new Boost phone to try with the service, you can check out the Motorola i776, the newest addition to their lineup. They also introduced the Motorola i335, which features military-grade 810F durability, this past June. The 10 cent plan is now available through Boost’s website.]]>

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