Sprint Removes iPhone 5c, 5s from MVNO Blacklist

iphone 5s

When it comes to MVNO policies and such, Sprint tends to be a little dictator-ish and frequently limits exactly which phones you can have on their MVNOs. Newly released phones can’t be activated on any Sprint MVNO until they have been out for a year, undoubtedly an attempt to push consumers to the more lucrative postpaid offerings. However, I’m pleased to announce that the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s have finally been added to the whitelist for all Sprint MVNOs. Some of them were able to activate these phones last week, but by the middle of this week they should all have this capability as all carriers are subject to the same blacklist restrictions. Released on Sept. 20, 2013, the iPhone 5s and its colorful counterpart the iPhone 5c are both pretty popular models and despite being overshadowed by the new iPhone 6 released earlier this month, they are both pretty solid devices. Check with your MVNO about restrictions, but with the exception of Boost and Virgin Mobile, any Sprint iPhone should be eligible. Currently, Boost and Virgin Mobile cannot activate Sprint iPhones, but they are selling their own iPhone devices. Boost and Virgin Mobile phones also can’t be activated on any other MVNO and cannot currently be unlocked. See? Dictator. In related news, the Moto X had it’s one-year anniversary at the beginning of September, so it should also be available on Sprint MVNOs soon.]]>