Boost to get iPhone 6, 6 Plus 'Soon'

boost iPhone 6

So, I wasn’t going to actually write about this until there were some solid details. But, with all of the news about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, I just couldn’t resist. Sprint-owned prepaid Boost Mobile has actually had an announcement up on their main page for about a week claiming that they will be getting the iPhone 6 ‘soon.’ However, whenever you click on the ‘learn more‘ button, the page is simply a promotional page about the new phone, with no details about a date whatsoever. Shame on you, Boost Mobile! There isn’t even a price listed, although in the past, Boost has sold iPhones for around $100 less than the average market prices, so assuming thsi follows the same trend, it’s possible you could nab the iPhone 6 for $550 – $850, depending on how much memory you needed. PrepaidPhoneNews reported that last year Boost got the new iPhone nearly two months after the release, but that Virgin Mobile got the iPhone 5s only 11 days after the release. Regardless, it’s probably safe to speculate that the phone will be released for Boost sometime next month, or early November at the absolute latest.¬†Sprint owned Virgin Mobile doesn’t seem to have any promotions or mention of the iPhone 6 on their site, so presumably it won’t be available through them.]]>

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